How To Setup a Profitable Email Auto-Responder Sequence – Advanced Email Marketing Guide

How To Set Up And Optomise Your Email Autoresponder Sequence

Hello, Billie here with another post that I hope will help tons of readers with their online business.  Today we are setting up and optimising our email auto responder for maximum output.

Maybe you are already doing email marketing but not making the money you should.  Ok or

Incredible! It comes on Sunday too!

you are not taking advantage of what you have and not collecting subscribers so you can email them and easily make tons of money. (you really should).

Well I am hoping this video tutorial will set you straight and get you going.  This is a step by step tutorial with James in command telling you like it is.

I learned directly from this chap and I am so gratefull.  So watch the video as many times as you need to.  I must have seen it 100 times cause number 1 it is easy to follow and number 2 James really knows his stuff.

After the video, check the link below so that you can get access to FREE training.  That’s right I said FREE training.  Step by step instructions on how to get set up and Make Money Online.  Pinky promise.

so watch the video NOW! Enjoy:

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This FREE blueprint on how to make money online, actually on how to set up your business to work and make money online is also FREE to implement.

No ranking on Google or SEO, just good old fashion work that even a newbie can handle.

So friends what do you say?  If you are not doing email marketing, you are literally leaving money on the table.  You should have your subscription box set up on your blog and be collecting emails.  They are gold.

No matter what HOT niche you are in you gotta do what James has shown you on this video tutorial.  Follow step by step and I tell you, it’s worth a boat load of money to you.

First set up your squeeze page/optin page to collect email address.  Go here to view another tutorial on how to set up your squeeze page/optin page for FREE==> Go Here <==

In return for a subscriber giving you their email address you MUST give them something of value in return. This will make you different from other marketers.  You see it is more important to build trust so that they know and feel that you actually care and are not just out to make a buck.  This goes a long way.

You are gaining their trust and credibility, they know you are human and care.  You are offering quality content and something of value.  Guys this is the way to establish yourself as a Marketer Online.

AWEBER Autoresponer 

I know, because I learned from the best and it works.   So, if you want my opinion on a great autoresonder it is AWEBER.  They cost but they are awesome.  Every time I have a problem I call or do online chat and we get the problem solved.

So that is about it for today.  I really hope that you my dear reader use this information and work on your business setting it up and having the bucks roll in.

Interested in my FREE training go here:

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This is Billie Scott saying stay cool and stay focused.

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