How To Make Money With This Powerful Email Marketing Trick

Powerful Email Marketing Trick That Increases CTR and Gets YOU More Sales!

Hey guys

Today I figured I’d share a quick tip I’ve been using in my email marketing to great effect.

What it does is increase your future open-rates of your up-and-coming emails. It may not sound like much but believe me… This can make a big difference!

Think about it, if more people open your mail, the more people click on the link and the more people who click on your link, the more people who check out your offer.


It’s kinda like a domino effect so make sure to implement this as it is worth doing as it only takes minutes to do per email.

Also, it’s best done when you’re setting up an auto responder series has it’ll keep your readers looking forward to your future emails.

Anyway I’ve said my peace, here it is in all it’s glory… James is going to make it fun to watch, so enjoy!

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