“How To Start Pumpin’ Out PROFITABLE Videos In SECONDS Without Ever Creating a SINGLE Video or Having ZERO Video Editing Skills Whatsoever”

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Day 1


Right then, hopefully you’ve completed yesterday’s training.

If not, make sure you do, otherwise you’ll be unable to complete today’s training.

Now if you have, we’re going to have some fun and games today, I’m tellin’ ya.

This is because I’m going to show you how to create highly profitable videos without ever creating any videos, whatsoever.

It’s a really cool trick and I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun with today’s training

It’ll definitely be an eye opener, that’s for sure 🙂

Right then, lets get started…

Part 1. Video Creation… The Easy Way

Assuming you’ve already created a Youtube account (if not, you need to do that, obviously), you need to head to the Youtube Video Editor Section.

If you don’t know where Video Editor section is, you can find it here.

Once there, I want you to click on the “CC” section:

Create Profitable Videos In Seconds

So what’s “CC”, I hear you ask?

Well, “CC” stands for “Creative Commons” and these are basically videos other Youtubers have created that you are free to use as your own videos.

There’s literally thousands to choose from and every market is catered for, as well.

Now the type of videos we’re going to make are “List” type videos.

There’s a couple of reasons for this:

1. They deliver genuine value as you’re giving helpful tips in your videos.

2. They rank better in Youtube search results has they naturally have a higher retention rate due to people sticking around till the end to find out what no:1 is.

Now, people tend to make top 10s but I recommend lowering the number to 3 or 5.

It’ll make your life easier, plus people don’t really care about the first few because they know the best ones at the end anyway.

Now when searching for videos in your market, I want you to use phrases like:

  • 10 weight loss tips
  • 10 bodybuilding tips
  • 10 ways to make money online tips
  • 10 ways to get my ex back tips

When you use phrases like this, you’re going to bring up tons of “Top 10” style videos in your market.

What I want you to do next is to simply drag 3 to 5 “List” type videos into the Tmeline Editor like this:

(Obviously, I recommend watching the videos before selecting them to make sure they’re quality videos)

Quality Videos For Your Video Channel

Once you’ve done that, I want you to click on the first video in your timeline.

Then using the blue slider bars on your video in the timeline, I want you to locate their final tip which is normally at the end of the video:

How To Add Quality Video

The reason why we opt for their final tip is because it’s normally the best tip of that particular video.

Now you need to rinse and repeat this for the rest of your videos in your timeline.

Part 2. Creating Titles For Your Video

Once you’ve done that, we now need to create a title for your video.

Simply click on the “a” symbol and drag and drop the “Centered Title” onto your timeline.

Creating A Title For Your Video

You can call your video whatever you want but for my example, I’ll call my video “3 Quick and Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast” and set it to run for 5 seconds:

(Once again, I recommend spending a little time by playing around with the font size and colours etc to make it look good)

Editing Your Video

Once you’ve done that, we now to need to put a “Centered Title” at the very end of your video in the timeline.

This will have a call to action telling people to click the link in the description box.

What you want to use here is the headline on the sales page of the affiliate offer we found in yesterday’s training.

Then on the same tile, you want to put something like “Click the link in the description box to get instant access”.

Also, lengthen the tile so it runs 10 – 15 seconds as it encourages more people to click the link in the description box, as well:

Video Creation

Part 3. Quick Tweak To Improve Your Video

Now the next step is an optional step but I recommend you do it.

It’s very easy to implement and and it’ll make your video look better too.

Basically, adding transitions between your videos to make them look a little more fancier..

All you do is click on the following symbol and choose a transition:

Then drag and drop your chosen transitions between each of the videos on your timeline and make make each transition last around 2 – 3 seconds each:

And there you have it… You’ve just created your first ever video!

So give yourself a pat on your back ’cause you deserve it, my friend 🙂

But whatever you do – do not hit the “Create Video” button just yet…

This is because we’re not ready to publish it just yet.

So close the tab as we’ll be coming back to it later (don’t worry – Youtube saves it automatically every time you make changes to it)

Because the next thing we need to do is good ol’ keyword research.

This is absolutely essential otherwise, if you don’t do this – your video will sink quicker than the Titanic and you’ll get ZERO traffic as a result.

…And we can’t be having that, can we!

So, in tomorrow’s FREE training, I’m going to show you how to QUICKLY get keywords you can rank for in just a matter of days and start making sales as a result.

It’s a really cool method and it’s 100% free to implement too 🙂

So the big question is… What are you going to do in meantime, huh?

Well, as you’ve got time to kill, then I have a quick question to ask you:

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See you on the other side 🙂

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