Another How To This Time About Autoresponder And Marketing Funnel

How To Setup A Highly Monetized Auto Responder Series And Marketing Funnel!

Hey guys… Back again with a new video and I gotta say… This is killer!

Here’s what I got:

I’m gonna show you how to setup a powerful auto responder sequence and this isn’t your usual auto responder sequence that 99% of the other marketers are doing out there… This is SO much better!

Here’s why:

1. You get to charge more for your front-end product as you’re building up trust with your subscribers as they cannot help but see you as an authority figure in your chosen market! So yeah… Get ready to make more money per customer transaction!

2. Your subscribers will love you to death as you’re giving them quality content making you look like a champ while making them hooked and looking forward to your up and coming emails. I’ve even had subscribers email me after the first email wanting to give me $2000 to mentor them… And this has happened more times than I can count on both hands!

3. Your conversions will go through the roof! Seriously, it’s pretty badass when you get 3 times the sales notifications hitting your inbox just because you made these simple changes.  I won’t go into why as the video will go indepth how all this works but all I’ll say is it involves some super sneaky psychological  Jedi mind tricks that condition your subscriber to take the desired action you want them to.

So as you can see, it’s a pretty POWERFUL auto responder sequence and James is gonna show you – step by step – on how to do it… Enjoy!

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